• PVC transparent curtain
  • PVC transparent curtain
  • PVC transparent curtain

PVC transparent curtain

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$105.25 $118.68 [ 100 meter / Lot ]
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Item specifics



PVC curtain performance

Keep cold, keep warm, save energy, prevent insects, dust, wind, moisture, fire, anti-static, anti-glare, anti-ultraviolet, sound insulation, lighting, safety warning, prevent accidents.



Applicable to cold storage, food, chemical, pharmaceutical, textile, electronics, machinery, printing, factories, workshops, hospitals, markets, restaurants and other industries in any place.

Detailed description of the use of the properties of PVC transparent sheet (soft sheet soft curtain)

Cold-resistance The ultra-cold-resistant curtain still has a high degree of softness at a low temperature of -70°C. People, vehicles, and articles are easy to get in and out, with good barrier effect, prevention of cold air loss, low cost, and energy saving. (USDAPL specifications, non-toxic).


energy saving effect

PVC curtains do not consume electricity, noise, no action components, improve the refrigeration efficiency, reduce the number of revolutions of the freezer, and save up to 50% of power. Anti-insect effect Anti-mosquito and fly-proof (orange) curtain, which emits special light waves for insect repellent, the insects are avoided and are suitable for use in food processing plants, fresh instrument processing centers, and beverage factories.


Fireproof effect

Fire-retardant curtain with high flame retardancy, Japan Fire Protection Association BT-82006182006 qualified, Japan Fire Agency AE-13-0279 approved, suitable for use in chemical factories, various buildings (flame retardant index JISD1201)


Windproof dustproof effect

Overlay mounting structure (OVERLAP), air tightness, together with the curtain own weight, wind speed in bad weather, the degree of bending does not affect the normal operation. Static electricity prevention effect Static electricity does not generate static electricity after the door curtain is rubbed. It is suitable for factories where static electricity is strictly prohibited.